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Be conducted by the most respected music maestros in India


is one of the most senior music directors in India. He is a living legend

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the maestro who made a violin culture in Kerala is undoubtedly the master and mentor of most of the leading violinists in Kerala.

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is a music conductor, voice trainer and music teacher par excellence.

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an exponent in Syriac Liturgy singing is a composer and concert master.

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is the Conductor of Cochin Chamber Orchestra and Cochin Youth Chamber Orchestra.

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is a master musician, refined keyboard artist and well-established composer with over forty years of extensive experience.

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Mr BMJ Dhyriam, known to many christians through his melodious music in the states of Andhra and Tamil Nadu

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an ordained priest of Malankara Marthoma church is a gifted musician.

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is a violinist, cellist and music educator with a rich experience in choral conducting.

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is the founder director of the Kottayam Mixed Voices, the oldest existing independent 60-member gospel choir group in Kottayam.

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Clement Vedanayagam is a music evangelist who is largely recognized in the Indian Tamil Christian population and the world over.

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Music composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist at Zion Digital Studio with more than two decades of music production and a youtube channel viewership of more than 2 million.

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We invite all our dear friends, across the globe, to cast your votes to select the repertoire for the Carolsav Homecoming Live Concert-2023.


Win exciting prizes!

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Be part of the 2000 member choir

Choral music is not one of life’s frills.

Its something that goes to the very heart of our humanity, our sense of community, and our souls. When a choir sings, members not only synchronize their voice and breath, but their heart rates also become synchronized as well. When you get together with a group of other singers, it becomes more than the sum of the parts. It brings in ripples of happiness and joy through and through.Four parts harmony is a traditional system of organizing chords for four voices. The first voice often has the melody, and each additional member of the group provides harmony and countermelody with their parts. The vocal parts that comprise fourpart harmony are soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Soprano and alto designate respectively high and low female voices. Tenor and bass designate high and low male voices.The Carolsav Homecoming Concert will feature a 2000 member choir singing in four part harmony consisting of 650 Sopranos,450 Altos, 450 Tenors and 450 Basses.It will indeed be a heavenly experience! Truly a “once in a lifetime opportunity!”

If you need help to identify your vocal part/range please use our help videos to do so.

Vocal Part Identifier Videos-For Audition

Be accompanied by a full fledged orchestra of 100 members

The 100 member Orchestra will feature some of the finest musicians from abroad and India.It will consist of the following elements


The string section is composed of bowed instruments belonging to the violin family. It normally consists of first and second violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. It is the most numerous group in the standard orchestra.

First violin: (20)
Second Violin: (16)
Viola: (12)
Cello: (8)
The Double Bass: (4)


Woodwinds are the least homogeneous section of the orchestra.The sound of each instrument is quite unique – while the instruments in the string section are built in the same way and they just get bigger, in case of the winds, instruments are built in a different way. Flutes and piccolos are non-reed instruments, they play by blowing the air across the mouthpiece’s hole. A clarinet is a single-reed instrument, and oboe is a double-reed instrument. A bassoon also is a double-reed. Thus, the way the sound is made is a bit different in case of each of these three groups, so the instrument’s timbre varies.

Piccolo: (1)
Flute: (3)
Oboe: (2)
Clarinet: (2)
Bassoon: (1)
Saxophone: (1)


Brass is quite a homogeneous section of the orchestra. Almost all brass instruments work in the same way, and thus they have a similar timbre. An exception is a French Horn, which, considered to be a woodwind, can produce a slightly different timbre than other brass instruments.

While many orchestral scores show us that brass can play loud, aggressive and powerful parts, it is very important to know that brass is also capable of very soft dynamics. The overall dynamic range of this section is incredible, as it can offer you so many various textures. It can play emotional, soaring melodies with horns and trombones in unison. It can shape the feeling of militaristic heroism with trumpets. It can create dark textures with low brass instruments. It can play melancholic melodies with soft horns. It is a very lyrical section.

Trumpet: (2)
Trombone: (4)
Tuba: (1)
Acoustic Grand Piano: (1)
Acoustic Guitar: (2)
Bass Guitar: (1)
Sitar: (1)
Veena: (1)
Bansuri: (1)
Santoor: (1)
Sarod: (1)
Tabla: (2)
Dholak: (2)
Mridangam: (1)
Ghatam: (1)
Morsing: (1)
Mani: (1)
Shakers: (1)
Tambourine: (1)

Be guided by expert music professionals

All the support for seamless training,including the music scores and vocal recordings will be provided beginning from June 1st, 2023 onwards.

Guidance will be provided by our expert team leaders throughout the process. During final rehearsal the choir will be groomed by one of the most sought after Vocal trainer Mr. Binu John Mathews.

Mr.Binu is a vocal trainer, performer, lyricist and composer by profession.He has been training over 20 leading playback singers in the South Indian music industry. Currently he trains singers from 6 countries. He is well versed in Carnatic music and Western Classical music. He is the lyricist and composer of more than 30 Christian devotionals in Malayalam. He was a member of the faculty at Chetana National Institute of Vocology, Thrissur. He was also a vocal trainer at a number of institutions such as Jerry Amaldev Foundation, Kalabhavan in Ernakulam, and MCBS KalaGramam in Trivandrum.He has worked in voice rehabilitation programs along with the renowned Consultant Laryngologist Dr Jayakumar R Menon.

We invite all our dear friends, across the globe, to cast your votes to select the repertoire for the Carolsav Homecoming Live Concert-2023.


Win exciting prizes!


In the year 2014, the unique Christmas project “Carolsav” was launched by Zion Digital Studio. The background behind this venture was the need among the various churches and choral groups to have access to new compositions in both eastern and western traditions of music. The idea was to ensure that necessary support was given to the various groups by sharing of background karaoke tracks, vocal files for easy learning and of course the scores.

These scores and the learning and performance resources have been vastly used by many choirs across the globe in the last 9 years. People across the globe were also part of the virtual recordings held in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Members of various church choirs and other choral groups who have performed the Carolsav songs have become a family connected by the common thread of music. Till date a total of 36 songs have been composed in Malayalam; and translated versions in Tamil are also available.



To mark the 10th anniversary of the Carolsav festival, we intend to organize a grand homecoming of all the singers, across the globe, who have been part of Carolsav songs since the year 2014. A homecoming musical event will be organized during Christmas 2023, and the plan is to have 2000 choristers accompanied by a 100 strong orchestra. The event is being planned in Kerala.Considering the magnitude of the proposed event, an attempt is also being made to enter into record books.

Carolsav Homecoming Concert Timeline

Various stages leading to the concert


2022 Nov 5th - 2023 May 31st

Polling to select the Concert Repertoire


2022 Dec 3rd- 2023 Sep 30

Registration for Choir


2023 June 1 - Nov 30

Online Rehearsals


2023 Dec 26

On-site Rehearsal with the Orchestra


2023 Dec 27

Final Rehearsal and Concert

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